Windows Sidebar Gadget beta

View the Scottish Episcopal Church digital calendar and lectionary in a Windows Sidebar Gadget.

Screenshot of SEC Digital Calendar Windows Sidebar Gadget

⚠ WARNING This Windows Sidebar Gadget is still in beta. It may still need some cosmetic tweaks.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 supported Sidebar Gadgets, mini applications that sat on the desktop or on a sidebar. These are still available in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 by installing the application 8GadgetPack.

How it works

The gadget displays the latest information from the SEC digital calendar website.

Long feast day names and descriptions will be truncated. This is expected behaviour.

Hover over the feast day to view more information in a tooltip. This will show:

Currently, the gadget does not automatically update after midnight. To manually refresh the gadget, click the SEC logo in the top-right corner.


  1. Download and install 8GadgetPack.
  2. Download SECdigitalCalendar-v1.0.0.gadget from this repository and double-click the icon to install.
  3. Right-click the desktop and select Gadgets.
  4. Navigate to the SEC digital calendar gadget and either right-click and select Add or drag-and-drop the gadget onto your desktop.


For technical support or to suggest a feature, please email

Alternatively, raise a support issue on GitHub.

Source code

View the source code for the SEC digital calendar Windows Sidebar Gadget on GitHub.

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